How to Watch StreamEast Live Alternatives on Any Device

How to Watch StreamEast Live Alternatives on Any Device

StreamEast used to be one of the best sports streaming websites, but due to many issues, it shut down. StreamEast alternatives on our list are close to the original website. However, since free streaming websites are problematic, you are better off connecting with FastestVPN to add strong encryption to your connection, device, and data.

Sports broadcasting requires an arm and a leg. But this time, instead of blaming it, the bliss of industrialization presents us with an advanced solution: free sports streaming! However, according to, 43% of cable subscribers stated that their main reason for not cancelling their cable subscriptions is their inability to live without sports.

In contrast, a report from Experian Marketing Services highlights that around 7.6 million households have already discontinued their expensive cable packages. Furthermore, improving content accessibility only predicts a drop in future subscriptions.

Thanks to StreamEast alternatives for football, eSports, and more, we have a comprehensive list to empty your popcorn bags. Due to copyright issues and other setbacks, it is blocked in some countries. Here we have a list of working alternatives to Streameast. live for you to try out. Let’s get down to business!

Note: We do not recommend accessing free sports streaming sites that offer pirated content, such as Stream East. These websites violate copyright and feature premium content that only comes with paid subscriptions. Even if you plan to visit StreamEast Live alternatives, you should use a VPN for sports streaming, like FastestVPN.

These sites generate revenue from ads, and clicking on them often results in unwanted redirects, which can install malware. Connect to FastestVPN to ensure enhanced data protection and seamless bypass of geo-restrictions.

StreamEast Alternatives – An Instant Overview

Want a quick jump to StreamEast alternatives for upcoming sporting events? Here is a list of the top 13 StreamEast alternatives covered in this article:

  • ESPN+
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Paramount+
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Crack streams
  • Sports current
  • Stream2Watch
  • Cross out
  • VIP League
  • FirstRow Sports
  • CricGratis
  • All sports live
  • loala1

Is StreamEast safe and should I use a VPN?

Free sports streaming sites like StreamEast Live are notoriously unsafe. First, let’s not forget about the ads! Instead of serving the actual purpose, sites like StreamEast Live often lead to quick, unavoidable redirects, as if they were removing duct tape from your skin.

When you actually manage to escape, you will have installed malware on your device through a StreamEast Live alternative. Additionally, due to strict anti-piracy laws, if you are caught accessing StreamEast’s alternative NFL, that could get you in trouble. But before that news triggers a warning, let’s not forget that these cases are rare.

According to statistics from a report published on TorrentFreak  live sports account for 5.3% of visits to pirate sites in the Asia-Pacific region, a figure that can increase to 11.3% in the US.

However, installing malware or viruses on your device is a standard problem. To evade the threat, you should use FastestVPN for high digital protection. Persistent cyber threats never leave you. The only way to bypass geographic restrictions and the danger of a cyber attack is to connect to the VPN.

What happened to StreamEast?

Due to piracy and copyright violations, Stream East was shut down. That’s where sports enthusiasts looked for StreamEast alternatives for football and other sports. Today’s mirror sites already serve as amazing options, but there are some problems associated with them.

Some internet users do not feel that StreamEast Live is safe to use such a platform and many reasons have been accumulated to explain why some people do not want to use StreamEast.

15 StreamEast Alternatives for Sports Streaming

With the collapse of television, recorded shows, DVDs, or satellites, people have moved to online streaming platforms. They have created a faster and easier way to connect to a show or game in real-time. These platforms, like StreamEast Live, offer premium quality pictures. Before you dive in head first, here’s a recap of Stream East alternatives:


Web page Featured sports Free option Quick Link
ESPN+ NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA G League, MLS, PGA Tour, Tennis, UFC, College Sports, International Soccer, Boxing, Cricket, Rugby No target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” 
Hulu + Live TV NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, college sports, golf, NASCAR, soccer, tennis, UFC, boxing Yes (3 days)
Paramount+ NFL, college sports, football, golf, combat sports, auto racing Yes (7 days)
Amazon Prime Video NFL, MLB, Premier League Soccer, Tennis, NBA, Sports Documentaries Yes (30 days)
Crack streams NFL, MLB, Premier League Soccer, Tennis, NBA, Sports Documentaries

Crackstreams (unofficial, varies based on availability)

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, Boxing, College Sports, Football, WWE, SportStream, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Football, Tennis, Golf, UFC, Boxing, College Sports

delivery manager NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Football, Tennis, Golf, UFC, Boxing, College Sports Yeah
Stream2Watch NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Football, Tennis, Golf, UFC, Boxing, College Sports Yeah
Cross out NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, football, UFC, boxing, WWE, college sports Yeah
VIP League NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, football, UFC, boxing, WWE, college sports

VIP League (Unofficial, varies depending on availability)

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL (National Hockey League)

Football, UFC, Boxing, WWE, Tennis, Golf, College Sports

FirstRow Sports NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Football, Tennis, UFC, Boxing, WWE, College Sports Yeah https://firstrowsportș.eu
CricGratis NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Football, Cricket, Tennis, UFC, Boxing, WWE, College Sports Yeah
All sports live Football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, boxing, UFC Yeah
FootyBite Football, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, table tennis, basketball, motorsports, field hockey, e-sports Yeah

Here are brief descriptions of the 13 best StreamEast alternatives:


If you are looking for a paid alternative to, ESPN+ should be on your list. Offering a diverse catalogue spanning various types of sports, this streaming platform is one of the best options for sports enthusiasts.

Starting at $10.99 monthly, you can take advantage of a secure, uninterrupted streaming experience without worrying about the heightened risk of a potential cyberattack. You can also access StreamEast alternatives for soccer or other sports on multiple devices, including:

  • Smartphone
  • Playstation 4/5.
  • Xbox Series X/One.
  • Oculus Go.
  • And many others.


From 10.99/month

2. Hulu+ Live TV

This is another premium (paid) alternative to for uninterrupted streaming of your favorite sporting events. Being one of the best StreamEast football alternatives, the platform comes with impressive features that help in a smoother streaming experience. For example, 2 simultaneous streams, DCVR and others, add to the premium offerings.

It costs $76.99 a month, which can honestly break the bank. But the features of this StreamEast Live alternative, including added privacy, make it worth it, and there’s also a 30-day free trial with terms and conditions applied!

Since this is one of the best StreamEast alternatives for football and other sports, you can access sports highlights from your favorite channels. The main ones include:

  • CBS Sports
  • ESPN Sports
  • FOX
  • FS1
  • alphabet




Major sporting events that are primarily streamed on Paramount+ definitely create excitement in the city for all sports enthusiasts. This is also a paid alternative to the StreamEast alternative, NFL.

Being one of the best StreamEast football alternatives, you can stream Super Bowl 2024 on Parmount+. Starting at $5.99/month, it is one of the affordable alternatives to the ones mentioned above. The features of this StreamEast Live alternative make it worth having this subscription.

But despite being one of the top Stream East alternatives, it has geo-restrictions. To bypass the barriers, you need to use FastestVPN to change your IP address and fool the gatekeepers.


From $5.99/month

4. Amazon Prime Video

Ready to pay a little more for your sporting enthusiasm? Amazon Prime Video has to be on your list of best alternatives. With a variety of events, including:

  • NFL
  • WNBA
  • UEFA champions league

Although the list is longer, you can still understand the essentials. Being one of the best StreamEast football alternatives, you can also catch up on your favourite movie titles and TV shows with the same subscription. Costing $14.99 per month, you can also opt for the annual payment of $139.


$14.99/month or $139/year

5. Crack currents

Before paid StreamEast alternatives for football and other sports scare you away, here is a free StreamEast alternative. Crackstreams is a holy grail for several sports enthusiasts, thanks to the unmatched catalogue it features. However, this StreamEast Live alternative can sometimes prove inaccessible due to copyright violations. It is best to head over to the Crackstreams Alternatives and see the FastestVPN section to bypass geo-restrictions only.

All streams are available in HD quality and the interface is also quite simple to understand. The homepage features all the quick links, making the site user-friendly and accessible.



FAQ: StreamEast Alternatives

Is it legal to use VPN?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN service. They are meant to secure and protect IP addresses and help users browse the internet anonymously. A VPN service offers a safer option and allows access to restricted locations. But in some places, it is frowned upon to use a VPN service. In such cases, users can update their local laws.

Can we use a free VPN service?

Using a free VPN service is not a good idea. There is no guarantee that it is safe to use. Usually, free VPN access to personal data. That is why no one suggests using a free VPN. But VPN services like Fastest VPN have a great offering with connectivity features, smart tunneling, and DNS leak protection.

Why is it important to use VPN for StreamEast?

Using a VPN can be important for any website as there are many reasons for this. Due to restrictions and possibilities of cyber attacks, it is best to use a secure and well-known VPN service.

Is StreamEast legal?

No, StreamEast is not legal. It features copyrighted content and contributes significantly to video piracy. Due to its illegality, the site is often inaccessible to many users. In such a case, it is better to opt for StreamEast alternatives.


StreamEast Live Alternatives on Any Device


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